Regeneration: The Development of Rebuilding

Regeneration, a Recapitulation of Embryonic Development?

An Evolutionary Perspective on Regeneration


Plant Regeneration

  • A totipotent way of regenerating
  • A plant’s meri-aculous healing abilities
  • Whole Body Animal Regeneration

  • Hydra: Stem cell-mediated regeneration, orphallaxis, and epimorphosis
  • Stem cell-mediated regeneration in flatworms
  • Tissue-Restricted Animal Regeneration

  • Salamanders: Epimorphic limb regeneration
  • Defining the cells of the regeneration blastema
  • Luring the mechanisms of regeneration from zebrafish organs
  • Regeneration in Mammals

  • Compensatory regeneration in the mammalian liver
  • The spiny mouse, at the tipping point between scar and regeneration