Paraxial Mesoderm: The Somites and Their Derivatives

Cell Types of the Somite

Establishing the Paraxial Mesoderm and Cell Fates along the Anterior-Posterior Axis

  • Specification of the paraxial mesoderm
  • Spatiotemporal collinearity of Hox genes
  • determines identity along the trunk


  • Axis elongation: A caudal progenitor zone and tissue-to-tissue forces
  • How a somite forms: The clock-wavefront modelLinking the clock-wavefront to Hox-mediated axial
  • identity and the end of somitogenesis

Sclerotome Development

  • Vertebrae formation
  • Tendon formation: The syndetome

Dermomyotome Development

  • Determination of the central dermomyotome
  • Determination of the myotome