NOTE: see Chapter 12 for responses to Covid

Chapter 2: Political theory

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Chapter 5: Distribution

On happiness, see

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In Happiness for All? Unequal Hopes and Lives in the Pursuit of the American Dream, Carol Graham raises disquieting ideas about today's United States. The challenge she puts forward is an important one. Here we review the intellectual case and offer additional evidence. We conclude broadly on the author's side. Strikingly, Americans appear to be in greater pain than citizens of other countries, and most subgroups of citizens have downwardly trended happiness levels. There is, however, one bright side to an otherwise dark story. The happiness of black Americans has risen strongly since the 1970s. It is now almost equal to that of white Americans.


Chapter 8: Poverty relief

On poverty in the USA over time, including US debates, see

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Chapter 9: Health and health care

On health and economic development, see

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Chapter 10: School education

On the gains from early child interventions, see

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Chapter 11: Tertiary education

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Chapter 12: Conclusion

On the future of capitalism

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On the state as insurer of last resort

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On ‘welfare state 3.0’

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On responses to Covid

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On major structural reform of social policy in response to the Covic-19 pandemic. See CEP Covid Series 200925 in res\MISC\Coronavirus\20gen\Articles

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