The Classical and Hellenistic Ages 479–30 BCE

Video and Podcast Links

“The Greeks—Crucible of Civilization (part 1)”

“Minoan Bull Leaper”

 This podcast discusses the practice of bull-leaping on Crete.  Download to Listen to the Podcast.


“Parthenon sculpture: Centaur and Lapith”

 This podcast discusses one sculpture from the Parthenon as well as brief mentions of the modern politics regarding art between Greece and The British Museum. Download to Listen to the Podcast.


Web Links


Perseus Digital Library, probably the largest website on Greece and Rome, with immense resources, located at Tufts University.


The British Museum- Ancient Greece Exhibit

Open the door to the compelling world of Ancient Greece. The British Museum has compiled a collection of images and information on various aspects of Greek History such as the Acropolis, Athens, daily life, festivals and games, Sparta, war, and gods.

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