Worlds Old and New 1450-1700

Video and Podcast Links

“Leonardo: Anatomist”

This video demonstrates how Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical drawings were of enormous medical importance, even though they were unpublished for centuries. In this video, Windsor Castle Senior Curator Martin Clayton shows three of Leonardo’s most intriguing anatomical studies.

Hebrew Astrolabe

 This podcast discusses the history of an astrolabe, a scientific tool used to work out the time of day using the sun or the stars. Download to Listen to the Podcast.


Web Links


The Galileo Project

Spanning every facet of the scientist’s life, The Galileo Project is both informative and concise in its assessment of Galileo’s life work and contribution to modernity and science.



This entry from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy gives a broad description of Epistemology- the study of knowledge, as it has changed from Descartes to today.

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