Water and Soil, Stone and Metal: The First Civilizations 10,000-12,000 BCE

Video and Podcast Links

Meluhha: the Indus Civilization and Its Contacts with Mesopotamia (58:48)

Mark Kenoyer from University of Wisconsin looks at the Indus river valley civilization and its contribution to Mesopotamian society.


“Epic of Gilgamesh”

Animated video re-telling of one of Western Civilization’s oldest works of literature.


“Egyptian Clay Model of Cattle”

This podcast discusses the significance of the domestication of cattle. Download to Listen to the Podcast.

“Early Writing Tablet”

This podcast discusses cuneiform writing. Download to Listen to the Podcast.


Web Links


“Ancient Mesopotamia”

Website of the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago. A user-friendly portal to the world-renowned Mesopotamia collection of the Oriental Institute.


“Ancient Egypt”

Website of the British Museum. Pictorial introduction, with short texts.

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