Bulmer, Parker, Bache, George, Burns, Politics in the European Union 5e Student Resources

Critical Perspectives

European Alternatives is an umbrella for activists, campaign groups, and other civil society organisations across Europe with critical perspectives on the EU, and who seek to promote and articulate an alternative vision of European integration. Its website contains links to publications, events and information on its partner groups and organisations.

Social Europe provides a forum for debate and discussion on key political, economic and cultural issues in contemporary European integration, including the migrant crisis and the issue of populism:

Europe Now is a journal on social, cultural and political research on Europe and the EU, published by the Centre for European Studies (CES), based at Columbia University. It provides a critical and scholarly commentary on key European issues and controversies.

The LSE European Politics and Policy (EUROPP) Blog is a forum for critical debate on contemporary issues in European integration:

The Journal of European Public Policy is a good source of articles for critical perspectives on the EU.

The Journal of Common Market Studies publishes a wide range of articles related to European integration.

ARENA is a multidisciplinary centre of basic research at the University of Oslo, studying the evolving European political order. The centre publishes an online working paper series on various themes related to EU integration and governance.