Theorizing Consequences

UACES is the academic association for contemporary European Studies. Its Ideas on Europe is a blog hosting service that provides an independent space for informed analysis, comment and debate on issues in contemporary European politics.

The European Policy Centre (EPC) is a not-for-profit think tank on EU affairs, which seeks to foster integration through analysis and debate. It publishes analysis of all aspects of European integration, as well as hosting lectures and debates.

The RECON Online Working Paper Series explores issues in democracy and the democratisation of the political order in Europe.

The European Institute at the London School of Economics (LSE) hosts a Discussion Paper series, LEQS – the LSE 'Europe in Question' Series – which publishes high quality research on Europe and the European Union from scholars across the LSE and beyond.

ARENA is a multidisciplinary centre of basic research at the University of Oslo, studying the evolving European political order. The centre publishes an online working paper series on various themes related to EU integration and governance.