Freedom, Security, and Justice

The Europa website on justice and fundamental rights provides an overview of policy developments over time, with links to legal texts and relevant sites in other EU institutions.

Two European Commission DGs deal with issues concerning freedom, security and justice:

DG Migration and Home Affairs is accessible at:

DG Justice and Consumers is accessible at:


The Europol (European Law Enforcement Agency) website is available at:

Eurojust is the European Agency for Criminal Justice Co-operation, it supports and strengthens coordination and cooperation between national investigating and prosecuting authorities:

Frontex is a specialised and independent body tasked with coordinating the operational cooperation between EU member states in the field of border security:

The European Judicial Network (EJN) is a network of national contact points for the facilitation of judicial co-operation in criminal matters among EU member states:

The European Police College is an agency of the EU which brings together senior police officers across Europe with the aim of encouraging cross-border cooperation in the fight against crime and maintaining public security and law and order.

EU Agency for Fundamental Rights is an advisory body of the EU which works to ensure that fundamental rights of people living in the EU are protected.

Statewatch encourages the publication of investigative journalism and critical research in Europe the fields of the state, justice and home affairs, civil liberties, accountability, and openness: