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Preliminary planning

Writing up your research

Chapter 7; page 140)

  • Start early
  • Structure your writing - follow the Structure of a dissertation
  • Be persuasive
    • you must convince your readers of the credibility of your conclusions
  • Get feedback
    • try to get as much feedback on your writing as possible and respond positively to the points anyone makes about what they read
    • provide your supervisor with drafts of your work to the fullest extent that regulations will allow and do so in good time
  • Avoid sexist, racist, and disablist language:
    • One of the biggest problems (but not the only one) of non-sexist writing is in avoiding complex his/her formulations. The easiest way to deal with this is to write in the plural, e.g.: 'I wanted to give each respondent the opportunity to complete the questionnaire in his or her own time and in a location that was convenient for him or her.'
    • This is a rather tortuous sentence and, although grammatically correct, it could be phrased more helpfully as: 'I wanted to give respondents the opportunity to complete their questionnaires in their own time and at a time that was convenient for them.'

Web link: - from the Language Center at the Asian Institute of Technology, includes sections on how to write up (intro, methods, results etc.) good general advice though aimed at Master's students.