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Using your supervisor

Chapter 4, Page 85

  • Use your supervisor to the fullest extent that you are allowed and follow the pointers you are given by them
  • You should not expect them to provide you with a ready-made topic or research question though. It is part of your assessment to develop your own.
  • If your supervisor is critical of your research questions, your interview schedule, drafts of your dissertation, or whatever, try to respond positively:
    • follow the suggestions that they provide, since criticisms will invariably be accompanied by reasons for them and suggestions for revision; it is not a personal attack
    • supervisors regularly go through the same process themselves when they submit an article to a journal, apply for a research grant, or give a conference paper
  • Students who get stuck in their dissertations or who get behind with their work sometimes respond by avoiding their supervisors:
    • they then get caught up in a vicious circle that results in their work being neglected and perhaps rushed at the end. This also means their supervisor might not have time to read their work.
    • try to avoid this situation by confronting the fact that you are experiencing difficulties in getting going or are getting behind and seek out your supervisor for advice

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