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Get to know what is expected of you by your institution

Chapter 4, Page 76

Your institution or department will have specific requirements concerning your dissertation such as:

  • the form of binding
  • how it is to be presented
  • whether an abstract is required
  • page margins; line spacing; font size; font type
  • content of title page
  • the format for referencing
  • number of words
  • the structure of the dissertation
  • how much advice and how many meetings you can expect from your supervisor
  • how much of your work you can expect your supervisor to read
  • warnings/advice on plagiarism
  • deadlines and whether or not a full draft should be submitted before the deadline
  • how much (if any) financial assistance you can expect

The advice here is simple:

  • follow the requirements, instructions, and information you are given
  • if anything in this advice conflicts with your institution's guidelines and requirements, ignore this advice!