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Table of Contents

  1. Preparing yourself to do research
    1. What is involved in a small-scale research project or dissertation?
    2. Start thinking about your research early
    3. Preliminary literature review/discussions to get research ideas
    4. Get to know what is expected of you by your institution
    5. Using your supervisor
    6. Managing time and resources
    7. Research checklist
  2. What do I want to research exactly?
    1. Asking research questions
    2. Formulating research aims and objectives
    3. Formulating a research proposal
  3. The research process
    1. The research stance/philosophy
    2. The research strategy
    3. The research design & using a case study design
    4. Ethical considerations in doing research
    5. Literature, reading skills and key words
    6. Secondary data and online sources
    7. Access and sampling issues
    8. Data collection
    9. Pilot studies
    10. Implementing the research design
    11. Analysis of results: quantitative and qualitative
  4. Writing up your research report
    1. Preliminary planning
    2. The structure of a dissertation
    3. Title page, acknowledgements and contents page
    4. Abstracts
    5. Introduction
    6. The literature review
    7. Research methods
    8. Results
    9. Discussion & Conclusions
    10. References, appendices and obligations
    11. Writing up research checklist