This Data Analysis Problem does not appear in the textbook.

Source:  Goldman, R. D. 1971. The role of three cytoplasmic fibers in BHK-21 cell motility. J. Cell Biol. 51: 752–762.

Corresponding chapter(s) in the textbook: Chapter 14 (and 1)

Review the following terms before working on the problem: cytoskeleton, cell culture, fibroblast, electron microscopy


The cytoskeleton of cultured hamster kidney cells was studied in this experiment. A microscopic section, cut longitudinally through a cell process of a fibroblast, was processed for transmission electron microscopy.


© 1971 Goldman, R.D. Originally published in Journal of Cell Biology.


1. What elements of the cytoskeleton are labeled by A, B and C?

2. Name the main protein components of these filaments.

3. What other components can be recognized in the micrograph?