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What is Being Tested?

Hemineglect is most common in lesions of the right (nondominant) parietal lobe, causing patients to neglect the left side. Left-sided neglect can also occasionally be seen in right frontal lesions, in right thalamic or basal ganglia lesions, and, rarely, in lesions of the right midbrain. In left parietal lesions a much milder neglect is usually seen, affecting the patient's right side. Abnormal constructions demonstrating neglect can occur with right parietal lesions. Other abnormalities in constructions can occur as well, as a result of lesions in many other parts of the brain. Generally, however, impaired visuospatial function is more severe with damage to the nondominant (right) hemisphere (see Neuroanatomy Through Clinical Cases 3e, Chapter 19).