In this experiment, your task is to indicate as quickly and accurately as possible whether the stimulus presented to you is a word (such as “NURSE”) or a non-word (such as “SNRUE”).

  1. At the beginning of each trial you will see a fixation '+' which you should focus on. When you are ready to begin a trial, press the space bar.
  2. You will then be presented with a stimulus that will stay on the screen until you respond. If the stimulus is a word, press the 'D' key, if the stimulus is a non-word, press the 'K' key. Try to be fast but accurate.
  3. After you respond you will be given feedback as to whether your response was correct or incorrect, and then the fixation for the next trial will appear.

You will complete 10 practice trials and 66 experimental trials. At the end, your response times on experimental trials where you responded correctly will be shown. Click on the button to begin.