In this experiment, you will be shown cues directing your attention either to the left or right.

  1. At the beginning of each trial, you will see a fixation ‘+’ which you should focus on. When you are ready to begin a trial, press the space bar.
  2. You will then be presented either with a cue that will direct your attention to the left or right, which will be accurate 80% of the time, or a neutral stimulus that will not direct your attention one way or another. Next, you will see a circle to the left or right of the fixation. Your task is to respond to the circle as quickly and accurately as possible by pressing the "B" key.
  3. You will then be ready for the next trial. In one block of trials, you will be shown exogenous type cues. In another block of trials, you will be shown endogenous cues. Your task in both block types is the same.

You will complete two blocks of trials. Each block contains 10 practice trials and 106 experimental trials. At the end, you will be shown your results with your response times for the experimental trials. Press "Next" to begin.