A shape that surrounds the main objects within a composition; sometimes referred to as negative space.

The positive shapes in a composition.

The fundamental components that fill the space of any artwork or design, in particular line, shape, texture, value, space, and color.

A shape that represents a person or object that exists in the real world, but that has been altered, refined, or synthesized into a non-realistic form by the artist or designer.

A symbolic shape that represents a specific word or thing, often taking the shape of a simplified silhouette of the thing it represents.

A style of art developed in the early twentieth century in which objects are depicted from multiple angles at once through combinations of non-realistic angular shapes.

A shape that looks like the real-world object it is intended to represent; also referred to as an objective shape.

An outline or contour of an object or form that is solidly filled in, usually in black.

A type of shape that has a mathematical formula or algorithm underlying its construction.

An easily readable and identifiable design that consists of one or more shapes and/or text, and that is used a means of identifying or branding an organization or company and its products or services. Originally an abbreviation of logotype.