The fundamental components that fill the space of any artwork or design, in particular line, shape, texture, value, space, and color.

The physical aspects of a line that can be measured, including its length, height, and width.

The defining or outermost edge of a form rendered on a two-dimensional surface.

An aspect of a line derived from the media the line is created with, such that the material bestows a given line with a unique feel or emotional content.

An infinite series of points, or the shortest distance between two points.

A lyrical, flowing, decorative line that expresses a sense of the fluid, graceful, rhythmic motion of the artist's hand.

A type of line used purely for embellishment.

A drawing technique akin to scribbling in which loosely drawn, sometimes choppy, lines with variable spacing are used to generate areas of value.

A drawing technique in which parallel lines are used to generate areas of value.