History in Practice, World/Western History


Author: Sarah Shurts, Professor of History, Bergen Community College

History in Practice engages students in the process of "doing history" via source analysis and synthesis. Its multi-step, inquiry-based approach guides students from the basics of understanding a source to creating informed examinations of the historical world. There are three sections within each module, and each section includes the following:

  • Background, headed with the section's Research Question
  • Primary Sources, with reading questions
  • Scholarly Sources, with reading questions
  • "History Through Literature", with reading questions
  • Visual Sources (prints, paintings, maps, charts, architecture, etc.), with questions
  • "History and Other Disciplines"
  • Historical Thinking Prompts
  • Active Learning Assignment

The sources, historical thinking prompts, and select active learning assignments have short answer variations when you integrate these materials into your LMS. For more information, ask your Oxford University Press representative.

For a demo video, please click here.